We offer a diverse range of exclusive services at affordable prices. We pride ourself on providing high quality service and excellent customer service.


  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance:  Mowing of lawn in a multi-directional patterns each week. We use Commercial zero turn machines with blades that are sharpened on a regular basis.  Trimming around any obstacles(buildings, landscapes,etc.), sloped areas to steep for a mower, in areas that hold water, and any other place that the mower is unable to get  to.  Edging of all paved surfaces. Blowing of all hard surfaces and landscapes to ensure your property looks neat, clean and professionally serviced.
  • Landscaping Services:   Design details are important to us, starting with the general composition of the garden right down to the exact detail and location of plants and material selections. The natural beauty of your property and your personal style are always showcased in our designs.
  • Grounds Maintenance:   Our landscape maintenance professionals will keep your property in optimum condition. Regular maintenance of your lawn and garden will help to increase the value of your property. Ask about our spring and fall clean ups.
  • Sodding / Seeding:   Seeding is an inexpensive way to establish a new lawn. The seeding should be done  in the growing season (April through May) to allow the seed to develop a root and grow lush grass blades. The other alternative for a quick and healthy lawn, though more costly, is to lay sod. Grass sod is used when it is too late in the growing season for seed to take root, or if you require an instant lawn. We take great care when installing grass sod.
  • Planting Shrubbery, Trees and Flower beds:  Our professional staff can create unique and attractive annual and perennial planting beds with species that are appropriate for your climate and region.
  • Commercial Snow Plowing and Salting:   We offer full service snow removal and on call services'.  Services include plowing, shoveling, rock salt, and ice melt applications.

Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.


Lawn Disclaimer: . We are NOT responsible for any of the following: Windows, Damaged Sprinkler Heads sticking out of the ground, Damaged Siding where weed whipping is required, Damaged Brick pavers, Damaged Fences, Toys and any other object left on grass and around where we need to run our equipment. There will be certain months throughout the year when client will receive lawn maintenance five times instead of the usual four times.  Service will not be available on Labor Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving.

Snow Disclaimer. The Customer is responsible for any damage to obstacles that protrude from the surface of the pavement. This includes utilities such as water shut offs, electrical boxes, sewer vents & clean outs and any other obstacles on or within 10" of the pavement. Customer understands that snow plowing, by its very nature, involves pushing a steel blade over the surface of the pavement. If your pavement is defective, deteriorated, weakened, frost heaved, or, was installed improperly, the results of this previous damage are more likely to appear after snow plowing. Contractor is not responsible for any damages to pavement or curbs. Customer is responsible for all damage caused to and/or by hidden objects. The Customer must keep plowing areas clear of vehicles, debris, newspapers, and various other items to ensure a thorough plowing.  Customer must keep vehicles garaged.  It is the Contractor's policy to stay a minimum of (2) two feet away from garage doors and all vehicles parked in the plowing area.  If a vehicle is blocking the area to be plowed, the Contractor will only plow the open portion of the plowing area.  If the Contractor is called back to plow the remainder of the area where vehicles or debris had been in the way, the Customer will be billed at a prorated amount.

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